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welcome to the LAB

The LAB is a project of Eric Trottier and Benjamin Sandro Jantzen

The LAB is focused on researching the possibilities of digital media in stage environments, especially in contemporary dance. There are many ways in which digital media can be integrated into stage performances, including the use of projections, virtual reality, and interactive technology. By conducting research in this area, we potentially help to shape the future of stage performances and contribute to the development of new and innovative ways of using technology in the arts.


23. & 24.06 the weight of waiting

21. & 22.07 solastalgia

we are open every first thursday from 02.03.2023 on at 19 o'clock with bring your own idea

jungbuschstr. 15, 68159 mannheim

tickets and drinks on give what you want basis - first come first serve